Did you know the owner of the famous shoe company?

Did you know that the owner of the famous shoe company "Bata" was a cobbler, how did he become the owner of the company from an ordinary cobbler?
 How did become the owner of the company from an ordinary cobbler?

 Bata is currently the world's largest pairing company. The number of its direct employees is about 90,000 and indirectly. The journey of success of Thomas Bata started with a single sentence of a laborer and has not stopped anywhere since then. The laborer was now old. It was a good education, but it was full of experience. He was well acquainted with the intricacies of life. It was a phrase full of the experiences of the same old laborer who made him the owner of a multinational company from an ordinary cobbler

Made, which still has a city today. Thomas started working as a cobbler. He opened a shop and hired laborers. This shop for a few months He was able to run, but he was failing at every step. People did not buy the shoes he made and the employees were not happy with it. Thomas sat down at Himathar's house. He stopped going to the shop and became a little upset. In those days I met a familiar old laborer. He noticed the embarrassment on her face and when asked why Tomas explained the situation. The old laborer said: "Son! You always think that my product is expensive and I am paying the workers less than their labor, so you will keep trying to find out how my product is cheaper and my workers get paid more. It hit Thomas like an arrow and he decided to follow it forever. Thomas Bata is the founder of Bata Shoes Company. He started the company in the name of his family. His family originally lived in Czechoslovakia. Coupling is his ancestral profession which has been with him since 1620. Thomas first set up a shoe factory on August 24, 1894. The factory grew into a multinational company. Its business is spread across 114 countries. Bata is currently the world's largest pairing company. It has about 90,000 direct and indirect employees. Coupling was easy for Tomas because of his native profession. for that reason He adopted it. This work had been going on in his family for about 300 years but no one paid attention to its development and Don't even try to expand this business as we have. A shop is coming from the ancestors. Divided into offspring as an inheritance. Instead of getting bigger, the store breaks down into more pieces, but no one thinks the business can be expanded and expanded. Thomas founded the factory to break with family tradition and hired 10 employees. It must have been a year before Thomas was overwhelmed with debt and financial woes. During this time I met a familiar old laborer, Which solved his problem forever. Thomas started making leather shoes with thick cloth shoes that were cheap and people liked them very much. As the popularity and demand for these shoes increased, the number of employees increased from 10 to 50. Thomas focused on making his product cheaper. He also took care of the wages of the employees. Thomas also introduced Bata Price. The price of their product ends at 9 digits. An item will cost Rs. 99 or Rs. 19.99
how did he become the owner of the company from an ordinary cobbler?
how did he become the owner of the company from an ordinary cobbler?

Looks better than 100 and 20, although there is a difference of one number. In four years, the work of the Bata Shoes Company has grown to the point where machines are no longer needed because demand could not be met. With the passage of time, the age of automation has come. With machines and technology, you can create more products and make a profit in less time and less time. Thomas Bata always thought like a businessman what he can do to grow his business. He also consulted with businessmen. In 1904, he introduced mechanical product technology to his company. Thus, Bata Shoes soon became the first large pairing company in Europe. By 1912, his company had grown to 600 employees, a testament to its growth. World War I broke out in 1914. It was a lottery for Tomas. He received orders to make German army shoes. From 1914 to 1918, it had ten times as many employees as before. Success in business is a challenge. His business deteriorated after the war, but he did not give up. In 1925, the business started booming again. Thomas's Bata Company was in Zalin. It is now a city. The company was also spread over several acres. Thomas Bata died in a plane crash in 1932 at the age of 56. He himself passed away, but even today people all over the world are benefiting from the tree he planted.


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